All You Need to Know About Dress Watches

Wristwatches are no longer designed or worn for time tracking but as fashionable accessories that can spruce up any outfit. When we talk about stylish watches for men which are specially designed to enhance any outfit is a dress watch. Unlike casual watches, these are to be worn with formal outfits and on special occasions. Let us understand in detail what a dress watch is and how and when it can be worn.

What is a dress watch?

A dress watch stands out amongst the stylish watches for men. It is more like a classic or timeless wristwatch by its appearance and the one which can be adorned with formal outfits such as suits, shirts and leather jackets. It is designed very elegantly and does not comprise any extravagant features nor does it look extravagant.

What are the features of a dress watch?

A dress watch is defined by the following features:

A Sleek and elegant case

A classic dress watch is usually sleek in its design and shape which gives it much of the elegance that is required. Since dress watches were designed to be styled with formal fits, these have to be sleek in their design so that they can easily fit under the cuffs of the shirt.

A Leather watch strap (Even a metal bracelet watch can make a good dress watch)

A dress hand watch for men features a leather strap which completes its elegant and classic look. It is a leather watch that makes a dress watch a perfect pick to be styled with formal wear. 

Compact case size

Not only is a dress watch sleek and slender in its shape but features a smaller case size. Unlike smartwatches or sporty watches for men which consist of a large dial to give it that bulky look, a dress watch comes with a compact case. 

Precious metal body

This is one of the most special features of a dress watch. It comprises a precious metallic body which gives it much of the luxurious appeal. Rarely you may find a dress watch which is made of cheap metal or say steel body. Only a few premium or luxury watch brands deal in dress watches.

When should a dress watch be worn?

A dress watch was conceptually designed to be adorned with formal wear, but over the years fashion trends have taken an upside down. People have now come to wear dress watches regularly. Be it a normal day at the workplace, meeting with a client or an office party or a day out with friends, dress watches can be the best means to accentuate your outfit.

People have started wearing dress watches more casually rather than formally over the years. If you have similar plans for styling your dress watch with casual and formal picks, you should pick a versatile dress watch. 

Final words – 

If you ask us, we would suggest you style your dress watches for men with casual as well as formal fits. Though these are meant to be styled with formal wear, you can style them with casual fits as well, if it pleases you. You can be mindful of the type of casual fit you choose to wear with your dress watch, so it doesn’t look awkward. 

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